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MT: Warrior spirit-what does this really mean?

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  • MT: Warrior spirit-what does this really mean?

    Warrior spirit-what does this really mean? By Live True - 08-05-2009 02:17 PM


    Several things have come together recently to bring this question to the top of my mind.

    What exactly is warrior spirit?

    I'm sure we all have a definition in our mind, and they will probably all differ slightly. Inquiring minds would like to know what warrior spirit or warrior mind means to you.

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    indomintable spirit and an uncrushable will. never say die, unless you're screaming it at the other fool!


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      The movie is already out in the UK and the Japanese version was region free so this should be the same.


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        Warrior Spirit is the ability to face adversity. Whether it's facing an attack or completing a task at work/home.

        It is the ability to never say: "I give up!"

        Fear is the #1 crippling affect on people whom find themselves in a high stress situation, or where a person is under immense duress, but having a true 'Warrior Spirit' will get you through!


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          The Warrior Spirit is a more respectable way of describing someone who likes fighting.

          Okay, I don't quite agree with that. But I think the "Warrior Spirit" that people talk about does really mean someone who enjoys Martial Arts, and fighting. It may also apply to someone who has a desire to work in Military, Security, or Law Enforcement.

          Outside of that, there are many types of "warriors", and so there are many types of "warrior spirits"


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            There are facets that supply both inward and outside dimensions to the general human essence that would else depart us incomplete. While our just yearning for calm and harmony might punctual us to decline any thing affiliated with conflict, we do so only at our peril.

            Medieval chivalry comprised a rotating issue in our notion of the warrior, not less than in Western culture. Although warriors were habitually treasured as protectors of humanity, chivalry supplemented new dimensions of blame and civility. The warrior custom became more civilized, whereas the last aim was not ever actually accomplished throughout those tough times.