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MT: I grappled! I finally did it!!!

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  • lascoben
    ya it will be great if they both get active on this forum...and share their exp. with gaming...

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    started a topic MT: I grappled! I finally did it!!!

    MT: I grappled! I finally did it!!!

    I grappled! I finally did it!!! By Flea - 08-22-2009 01:32 PM


    It took me 10 months to work up the nerve, and I had to go slowly, but once I was in there I didn't back out.

    This weekend at a seminar we worked on pinning each other in painful positions to work on escapes. I guess that broke the psychological sound barrier for me - I didn't mind the escape drill, so what's the difference? At one point I stopped in mid-stream and hung in a certain position for a couple minutes to acclimate psychologically. Hm, yup, can't move my hips. Oh well. Isn't that interesting. Then I went back to work. :hammer:

    I know myself, so I'm expecting a delayed reaction to this some time tonight or tomorrow. That's okay. I might backtrack a little, but I think I've made it through that mental block for good. What a relief! I hated having that hang over my head.

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