Matan Gavish - Krav Maga Academy
New York City's leading Krav Maga and Self Defense program for women and men.

Material Covered:
• Various Strikes, kicks, elbows, knees.
• Defend against chokes, grabs, holds, bear hugs, take-downs.
• Joint locks, submissions, soft points.
• Weapon disarming (Guns, Knives, baseball bats)
• Multiple Attackers
• Improve strength, speed, flexibility, agility and balance

Matan Gavish is a former Krav Maga officer for a special-ops unit in the IDF in charge of training Krav Maga to over 600 soldiers. Matan has trained US Navy Seals, Rangers and members of the NYPD and developed Krav Maga training for bouncers and security guards of Nightclubs.
With over 15 years experience in Military and Civilian training in the US and around the globe, Matan Gavish has a solid reputation of being one of the leading Krav Maga experts in the world.

Date: Sundays, commencing January 24th, 2010
Time: 12:00-13:30
Location: 37 W-26thStreet. (Between Broadway and 6th).
9th Floor - Studio 3.
Cost: 10 Sessions- $250
Forms of Payment: All major credit cards, checks, cash

Please contact to reserve your spot or to ask any other questions.

Matan Gavish
Founder, Krav Maga Academy