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  • MT: Would you know?

    Would you know? By Hand Sword - 06-18-2010 01:38 AM


    Hello MT Ladies,

    I recently had a conversation with a woman TMA practitioner who is very enthusiastic about her practice. She went on about her "skills" and accomplishments in the dojo. Explained in a "happy" manner I asked her about the social bonds of the dojo, mainly is she treated as everyone else is or does she get lighter tasks and treatment due to her gender. She looked at me blankly for a moment and said that she didn't know and never though about it. Then she asked "How would I know?"

    So, I ask this of all of you: Aside from blatant sexual advances or obvious gestures and treatment, How would you know? Is it possible? Especially if it is just the way you've experienced the dojo day in and day out. Or, is it just inevitable that as a female you'll get easier or lesser treatment in those atmospheres?

    P.S. Not that those areas are soft, I'm just separating those from a Boxing/MMA/ Muay Thai environment where it is what it is- no way to ease it for practitioners

    Thank you all for your time and thoughts.

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