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MT: How much force to use?

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  • MT: How much force to use?

    How much force to use? By Dave699 - 06-18-2010 09:37 AM


    To set the scene - my training partners and I are all beginners to our art, so differences in rank/experience are largely nonexistent.

    Recently we worked on escaping from wrist grabs. No softening blows or strikes - just lever out and walk away. Very basic.

    As a mechanic, my grip is relatively strong. The woman I was partnered with wasn't quite getting the "trick" to leveraging out of the grab. As such, she wasn't defeating my hold. Our instructor showed her the mistake she was making, and she improved to the point where she would escape IF she performed the technique correctly.

    Still learning, though, so she didn't get it right every time. When she didn't, I didn't release.

    Yesterday, before class, she showed me the bruises on her wrist and told me that her arm had been hurting. She *jokingly* got angry, and I told her the rapist on the street wouldn't care and showed her my bruises from being sensei's uke. I told her that I surely didn't mean any harm but didn't want to shortchange her on the training. It was pretty lighthearted but I think that she did in fact want me to tone it down. If I tone it down, though, am I really keeping in the spirit of the training/technique? Should I let go simply because she's trying? I'm a fan of the saying "never confuse efforts with results."

    Well, I'm confused. I wasn't being vicious, and I continued to encourage her while we were training those grabs. What to do? Another student (a small 17-year-old girl, in fact, and very physically and mentally tough) and I had discussed the "ragdoll uke" problem at another occasion, when she told me never to go easy on her.

    What are your ideas?

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