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  • MT: An Interesting Question

    An Interesting Question By Sukerkin - 07-27-2010 12:38 PM


    I 'ummed and ahh-ed about where to post this up and, after pondering whether to put in a Health forum, in the end I thought that the people most likely to have opinions with some insight on this were our lady members:

    My frivolous answer to the title question of the piece is an emphatic "Yes!". The more sober answer is still "Yes" but for the reason that it is better to work at being well fed and excercised than starving yourself to 'rail' thinness.

    I saw an advert for some French sounding perfume the other night and the model, whilst she had a radiantly beautful face and gorgeous clothes, had thighs that I swear were about the same size as my arms. That is not a healthy way to be, surely?

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