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  • MT: sparring with a tough guy

    sparring with a tough guy By flor - 10-10-2010 02:03 PM


    hello everyone! ive recently started training muay thai, about 3 and a half months ago and i have sparred loads of times and always with men, as i am mostly the only girl in the gym.
    the thing is, during this time ive learnt how to attack, and i find it really difficult to block punches and kicks but im in the process of learning. i always work in speed rather than strenght. before starting, i tell them to go easy on me as im a newbie despite the fact i dont look like one. people tend to think i am good at muay thai because of my physical conditions, im in great shape (trained athletics for almost 10 years, competing both national and internationally) but i lack all the technique.
    so, thats the reason i state before sparring to go easy on me. until yesterday, they all have been really sensitive towards this issue and very helpful too, i ask them to point out anything they consider useful, they do and i really appreciate it!
    however, yesterday i was partnered up with a guy who was 40 kg heavier than me and 35 cm taller. he is very well trained in this discipline. he seemed to be in his late 30's, so he might be around 20 years older.
    so, before starting, i told him what i wrote above. he said it was ok and then we started. the problem was he hitted me really bad, i wasnt expecting that AT ALL! he punched me in the nose to the point of making my eyes cry! he didnt stop kicking me and punching me in the face. i couldnt do anything but cover my face! then my coach came by and told him to slow down and be careful.
    after that, my partner said: 'come on, dont be afraid'...HOW ON EARTH COULD I NOT BE AFRAID?! he threw me to the ground several times, i got up and continued, had to prove it was no big deal.
    its not like im angry at him, i was just not expecting him to go that hard on me, considering i am not much of an opponent.
    so, my question is, am i overreacting? or should he have been a little more considerate? was it me or perhaps he wasnt used to sparring with women?

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    No you are not over-reacting. You are there to learn and to enjoy yourself. He is being a bully and an idiot. You learn nothing from being punched in the face by someone twice your size.

    I think one of the fallacies of all martial arts is that size is not important. That somehow, if you are skilled in the "right art" you can take on people much bigger than you. This just does not stick. Big people who have had the same training will always have the advantage - if not then there would be no weight categories in martial arts. But all martial arts fight in weight category - boxing, MMA, judo, tkd.

    Speak with your instructor - he should have stepped in before it go our of hand. Request not to be partnered with this guy again, especially when sparring.


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