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MT: Hair up or down?

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  • MT: Hair up or down?

    Hair up or down? By shima - 05-06-2011 06:57 PM


    Do you work out with your hair in a ponytail / pulled back in some manner? Or always keep it down?

    I personally always keep my hair down. I figure if I'm going to get caught on the street I won't have it up there, so I need to be used to how it moves when I'm doing anything I might do to defend myself. I've been like this "hair down" philosophy since I started back in 2000.

    The only times I put my hair up is for tournaments. And only if it's actually long enough to get it into a ponytail, which lately it's not

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    I always keep my hair up~
    It's more comvieniet!
    On the other hand,It will be hot if you always keep your hair down~