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MT: 98 yr old recieves Judo`s highest rank

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  • MT: 98 yr old recieves Judo`s highest rank

    98 yr old recieves Judo`s highest rank By David43515 - 08-08-2011 09:40 PM


    Keiko Fukuda Sensei of SanFrancisco recently became the first woman ever to receive a 10th dan in Judo, making her one of only four living 10th dan, and one of only 16 to ever earn the grade. She is also the only surviving student of Judo`s founder Jigoro Kano. She began training in 1935 and has made it her life`s pursuit. She still teaches at a women`s dojo 3 days a week.

    One thing I was suprized at was a quote in the article that has her saying that the Kodokan (Kano`s school and the world headquarters for Judo) was very sexist about women and handing out belts. (Aparently when you`ve been around as long as she has you can finally speak your mind.) There was an official rule in place that said women couldn`t rise higher than 5th she spent 30 years as a 5th dan until they created a women`s division in 1972 when she was awarded a 6th dan. I`d really like to meet her if I had the chance.

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    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information, She makes every woman proud to be herself.