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  • MT: Choosing a form of Martial Arts

    Choosing a form of Martial Arts By Monroe - 09-12-2011 12:55 PM


    I'm looking into starting martial arts for exercise and self-defence and hopefully for control. There's more information in the beginner's corner than I'm actually retaining. I need to narrow this down.

    I have limited self-defence. I was trying online questionaires to help me find something I liked. But the questions were about fighting styles and what kind of instructors you like. I don't think what I've been taught is a style. I moved a lot growing up and I'm not a people person. My Dad is ex special forces and he didn't like seeing me come home with black eyes. I'd like to learn methods less brutal than his because I'm not convinced he's an emotionally healthy person.

    The place closest to my house has non-contact Muay Thai. I don't know what Muay Thai really is, but if I'm not worried about getting hurt, I'll start day dreaming. Smacking me upside the head gets my attention rather well. :shock: I have auditory processing disorder and have difficulty listening and paying attention to my surroundings (I'm hard of hearing in one ear, so that doesn't help.) I think this tends to make me a target, because I have a sneaking suspicion I've been attacked more times than would be considered normal. I'm not little, 5'9" and 156lbs. I'm not fast or strong, but I have good endurance.

    I don't want to do more self-defence and I'm not interested in kickboxing. I've messed up my feet wearing high heels, so I can't exercise barefoot. I'm hoping I can bring indoor shoes with me. Can instruction mostly be visual? What's the most affordable way of going about this? I don't really want to go checking out too many places. I don't like talking, because I'm not very good with people and I have a heavy English/German accent living in Toronto and it stands out too much. I want to make this as painless as possible.

    Advice please?

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