Any women on here practice MMA or something with grappling? By Monroe - 02-03-2012 12:04 AM


I've been curious about the MMA classes offered at my school. I don't mind that sometimes I go to Muay Thai and there aren't any women there. But I really don't like the idea of showing up to a class that I have never seen any women going to. I don't want to be the only one every week. It starts after the class I usually go but I didn't see any women waiting for class to start. So I asked one of the guys and there aren't any. It's not that I think the guys are doing anything wrong or trying to keep anyone out. I expect it's a lack of interest from women or maybe none of us are willing to go first.

Anyone else joined an all male class like this? Was it no big deal or so awkward you didn't go back?

If we were primary school age, I'd shove one of the other girls forward to go be my guinea pig. :angel:

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