Diagnosed with breast cancer last week - looking for martial art sisters' support By MariaK - 03-02-2012 10:46 AM


Dear sisters,
I was diagnozed with breast cancer last week. I'm in a complete shock (just turned 40 years). I started taekwondo (WTF) about a year ago and would have to test for a red belt in 2 months. My father died of pancreatic cancer a year ago - that was the reason why I started taekwondo at first place. The doctors told me that due to excellent physical shape (I won intra-school sparring competitions about 3 weeks ago, 1st place in colored belt division), it looks like exercising in martial arts slowed down the cancer progression. Doctors advised me to maintain the same routine and physical load until the surgery (unilateral mastectomy) that would take place within next 1-2 weeks.

Could anybody advise me whether poomsae (forms) training will benefit me after the surgery? I read research on Internet that found statistically significant improvement in overall phsycial/mental state of breast cancer survivors who were practicing Tai Chi. Any advise on how martial arts could help me to go through all treatments (e.g. chemo etc.) and reduce side effects?

I'm training under Master G. Cooley (7th Dan) in Indianapolis who is on the national USA poomsae team and I believe that I have excellent resources regarding martial arts at my hand, but I would like to get in touch with women who had similar experiences and ask them how they fought through all these terrible things to the full recovery.


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