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  • MT: "Such a little girl!"

    "Such a little girl!" By Flea - 03-31-2012 07:35 PM


    My favorite lunch is a salad. One of my coworkers showed me a great way to make it portable in a backpack - I throw one together in a big ziplock bag, pack the dressing separately, and throw it all together in a big bowl when I'm ready to eat. I do it every day at work.

    This is relevant because I went to a judo seminar this afternoon. I packed my usual lunch along with some chicken and a chocolate milk. And when I was done, I took the dojo owner aside to ask if I could wash the bowl in his office kitchenette.

    "What a big bowl for such a little girl!"

    If he were some random stranger I would have let him have it. But I've known this guy peripherally for a couple years and he really is a mensch. (That, and he was surrounded by half a dozen students.) I'm not angry. But it was pretty breathtaking all the same.

    I let it slide, but I can't help but wonder what I could have done better. I'm thinking about taking him aside next time I see him, but subtlety has always been one of my weak points. I don't know how to give him a friendly heads-up without coming on too strong. I think he should know how that came across, if only so he doesn't say that to someone who would be angry or hurt.

    What would Xena do?

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