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Quick baton advice for my wife

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  • Quick baton advice for my wife


    I am looking for some advice if possible with regards to a woman being able to defend herself in a 1 on 1 confrontation with a man. The situation is that my wife sometimes walks 1 of our dogs alone on dark cold evenings (I am not always in as I work shifts). We live in a rural area that doesnt usually have any issues however a couple of years ago there were a couple of assaults that happened in a wooded area that we sometimes exercise our dogs in. Recently there has also been a robbery where 6 men broke into a couple's house and tied them up. Now I am not asking for advice on the 6 intruders issue, I am mentioning it as this happening has shocked us both and I suppose made us think!
    Now I have done martial arts since I was about 7yrs old but my wife has little experience so I bought her an extendable baton which has helped her feel a bit more secure but last night when I got in she asked me where she should aim to strike with the baton. I suppose when you have done martial arts for years you forget what you yourself know as I suppose my responses would be a little more automated. So, it got me to thinking, if my wife was actually confronted how would she react, and what would be the easiest and most natural movement for her to use in order to effectively deter/defeat an attacker? My first thought was the side of the head, neck area, this baton would cause extreme pain/potential knock out or if an arm was raised a broken bone.

    Any thoughts on this scenario would be gratefully received.


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    Nice to see you again! I think the closest target is always the best. Strike any hand that approaches? Odds seem fairly even they'll likely be armed as well? My worry is if they get past the dog they'll be on you (her). Leaving little room to deploy or access let alone use the baton, eh? Thinking on it will instill awareness. Practice it's use. Deploy it often so it becomes natural. Even while trying to scoot on bottom!

    Another issue may be "mindset". You MUST be ready, willing and able to strike down without mercy one and then another and another (with all haste and overwhelming force) Some folks lack the fortitude and/or intent. Deciding to never be a victim is a great start! GOOD ON YOU BOTH!


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      Cheers, its been a while
      Funnily enough we had a chat last night about this, I mentioned the requirement of generating the intent towards the attacker and not being half arsed about it. The wife did do a small amount of Wing chun with me so gets the whole "closest target, shortest root" thing. It is possible to extend the baton with a small flick as long as it isnt retracted all the way, it would be possible to hit a knee, hand or travel upwards under the jaw but I didnt want her taking a "swing" as such as it would be more visible easier to disarm etc. We are going to use some foam pipe lagging to work with, as if I was the attacker and she can get used to striking as hard as possible and see what targets present themselves and what feels best for her.

      I took the choice to stop being a victim myself after I was bullied at school, funnily enough I now hate bullying in any form and am pleased that my wife is willing to put a bit of work in to help herself. Practice is not the same as reality but drilling can hopefully at least help us to react if a situation were to present itself, hopefully it never will however it only takes saving yourself or someone you love once for a lifetime of training to be worthwhile.

      Thanks for the help


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        she can learn MMA