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MT: Tips on exercising after chemo?

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  • MT: Tips on exercising after chemo?

    Tips on exercising after chemo? By MariaK - 11-09-2012 04:09 PM


    Dear all,
    It has been a while since I visited the forum. For those who know about my situation - I finished chemo 4 weeks ago, now going through rads that is much easier regarding side effects. I resumed my regular TKD training 3 times per week. However, I have a lot of side effects - mostly neuropathy - frozen/painful/tingling toes and fingers and frozen balls of feet. There is also something wrong with my muscles - especially those in the lower part of the leg and from elbow to hands. I feel like I'm stiff and paralyzed and need constant stretching and massage to make them work. And it's difficult to run and go up and down the stairs - feel very wobbly.

    I talked to my doctor, but he said - no physical therapy necessary, just regular exercise and stretching. I hope I will recover gradually, but I'm very depressed about my phsycail state and I'm only 40 years old! I just cried all evening after coming from one of classes - I felt like an invalid in comparison to all students there. Everybody tells me that as I went through a 5 month agressive chemo against breast cancer - it will take much longer than 1-2 months to recover. But I think, on the other hand, if you exercise, if you move - maybe it will take me less time.

    Anyway, any advice on how to train in this situation? Maybe anybody has suggestions about good DVDs for stretching and recovering your leg function? Any advice on how to overcome being depressed?

    Thank you a lot for all your advice!

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