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MT: Why don't women come to my dojo?

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  • MT: Why don't women come to my dojo?

    Why don't women come to my dojo? By Ninniku Dojo - 12-17-2012 11:10 AM


    Hi all,

    Please can you help me?

    I've never had a girl/woman come to class, not even to try it out - why do you think this is?

    My class is Jujutsu, we train in a traditional way, we are serious about training but like to have fun while doing it, so all in all it is a very friendly and welcoming class - I wouldn't have it any other way!

    I do have a couple of bigger guys in the class, I guess they could be intimidating, but are all really nice people who would go out of their way to help any new starters, and I don't think that's the issue as you'd have to come to class in the first place to see them.

    Marketing seems to be going ok, as I've had a fairly steady trickle of new people coming along, just no women.

    I'd like to have a real mix of people in the class - why do you think I haven't had any females attend? And what do you think I could do?


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    You should create a appealing curriculum for women.

    Have a good women defense class/curriclum.

    Create some ads