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MT: Suggesting martial arts for weight loss!

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  • MT: Suggesting martial arts for weight loss!

    Suggesting martial arts for weight loss! By Carol - 12-31-2012 05:54 PM


    I thought this was very interesting. I belong to a Latina Facebook page dedicated to weight loss...mostly to keep up my language skills.

    One article is "5 fun ways to burn 500 calories or more". Zumba, spinning, kickboxing, and running were the first 4, but to my surprise, MA was listed as #5!

    Judo or Karate -- if you are a woman with courage, Karate or Judo might be right up your alley. Martial Arts will not only channel away negative energy, it will also bring about a lot more flexibility, speed, and agility. Best of all, this is a sport that can burn between 480 and 960 calories, depending on your physical size and the intensity of your training, according to

    Judo o Karate. Si eres una mujer un poco más intrépida, el Karate o el Judo están hechos a tu medida. Y es que, las artes marciales, no sólo te ayudarán a canalizar toda la energía negativa, también te brindarán mucha más flexibilidad, velocidad y agilidad. Lo mejor de todo, es que, con este deporte podrías quemar entre 480 y 960 calorías, según tu peso, estatura e intensidad, como indica el sitio[quote]

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