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  • MT: Groin protection?

    Groin protection? By livetofight - 02-14-2013 04:53 PM


    So I'm a green belt in Judo and obviously we don't need any form of groin protection for that because it is more of a combat sport so there are no "dirty" moves like groin shots. But I just started taking some ju jitsu classes which are a lot of fun but alot more dirty tricks including one of the favorites - groin shots. It was recommended to me that although I'm a female I should get a groin protector. Looked online and found a bunch of different ones.....Wondering, does anyone have experience with this? Are they needed/useful? If so...any recommendations on a specific brand or specific protector to get?

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    The first martial arts protective gear that will not only stay in place during competition, but will fully protect the male groin when struck. Traditional equipment and groin protection methods for boxing, karate, and other contact sports are normally unstable and non-conforming to the male body.