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    Sounds like it worked out 'great' for you anyway!


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      Here is another one that I might not deserve any credit for it. I got a hold on my opponent's arm and started to run in circle (I triedy to run behind toward his back). My opponent got nevous, rotated his body with me, and resisted very hard by leaning his body back to fight against my pulling. I no longer be able to hold on his entire body weight, and I had to release my grip. When I did that, his body flew almost 12 feet away and ended on the floor. I won that round in SC without using any of my throwing skill.


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        Originally posted by csc View Post
        I don't know if this will count since I didn't do anything.

        Someone gave me a bear hug, I put my arm between my body and his. He squeezed my body so hard and broke his own ribs.
        Holy crap!