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NYC - wrestling for MMA class starting

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  • NYC - wrestling for MMA class starting

    STARTING FRIDAY, September 5, 2008 (6 pm)

    Wrestling is an ancient and international sport which has gained respect among martial arts practitioners with the advent of modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. Randy Couture (fomer UFC champion) and Dan Henderson (fomer PRIDE champion) both competed in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling before beginning their careers in MMA. Other top fighters coming from amateur wrestling backgrounds include: Mark Coleman, Rashad Evans, Takanori Gomi, Matt Hughes, Matt Lindland, Vladimir Matyushenko, Kevin Randleman, Sean Sherk and Dan Severn.

    Freestyle wrestling, like its American counterpart called collegiate or folkstyle wrestling, has its origins in catch-as-catch-can wrestling. The prime victory condition in both styles involves the wrestler winning by pinning his opponent on the mat. Greco-Roman wrestling forbids attacks below the waist. As a result, throws are encouraged as the Greco-Roman wrestler cannot avoid being thrown by simply hooking or grabbing his opponent's leg. Otherwise, the sport is similar to freestyle. Arm drags, bearhugs, and headlocks found in freestyle have greater prominence in Greco-Roman. Throws especially known as a suplex are used. Both styles have mat work, though the ability to pin has resulted in different tactics and techniques than in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    New York San Da is pleased to announce that George Pardos has joined our staff. Mr Pardos is a former Ohio State University (OSU) wrestling coach and strength and conditioning coach. He coached Mark Coleman, was on the US Army Greco-Roman wrestling team with Randy Couture and was the wrestling coach at "HAMMER HOUSE" MMA gym.

    Beginning in Friday, September 5, Mr. Pardos will begin running Wrestling for Mixed Martial Arts as a 6 week mini-course. The cost for members of New York San Da is $179. The cost for non-members is $224.

    (212) 239 8619

    New York San Da
    (212) 239 8619

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    Sounds good. How many you got signed on so far?


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      Where is the club located I may stop by.


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        NY San Da is at 313 w 37th street, between 8th and 9th ave, New York City


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          Welcome to AQ!
          Do surf around our sub forums for more information.


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            wrestler will not bypass being hurled by easily snaring or catching his opponent's leg. Otherwise, the games is alike to freestyle. Arm pulls along, bearhugs, and headlocks discovered in freestyle have larger prominence in Greco-Roman. Throws particularly renowned as a suplex are used.