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Is the stance of Crazy Monkey for street figthing

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  • Is the stance of Crazy Monkey for street figthing

    Hi burt , sincerely, Is the hunchback stance(Crazy Monkey) for street figthing? or it is only for MMA and Boxing ,(danger groin)the arms very high for front Kick and hook kick to groin

    thanks all


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    It is a good defense against a barrage of punches, as you are pretty well-protected. As you note, you have to cover your groin by turning your lead knee way in, instead of staying in more of a boxing stance. The value is in surviving that initial onslaught so that you can take over. Remember that most street encounters will be ambushes, so you probably won't be in a boxing stance in the first place. If you do end up in a kickboxing mode, you will want to attack as soon as possible then get out of Dodge!