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    Mr. Burton Sir,
    I bought your book "JKD Unlimited" when I was in Hawaii about two years ago, and attended one of your classes, we worked stand up and grappling, which was most excellent, . But (just one of the things) what I really wanted to ask you was about the Zulu Stickfighting that you briefly make mention of in your book. I've always been interested in the more esoteric styles, and I can't help but wonder; a)what's it like, and b)how did you get the opportunity to train it? and finally 3)as a Dog Brother is it useful in full contact stick fighting against Krabbi Krabong and FMA stylists?
    Much Respect, aloha,

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    I am glad that you enjoyed the classes in Hawaii. We have a great time. Regarding Zulu stickfighting, the first thing that makes it different from FMA is that they use a shield and long defending stick in the left hand, stick in the right hand. The left foot is usually forward. The whole trick is to get around that shield, which means the strikes are very deceptive. Lots of feints, set-ups, and "progressive indirect attacks". The main form of practice is sparring. (Almost exclusively sprarring!) I learned by going to South Africa into the Zulu village areas and sparring with them on several different trips, the most recent being last November.
    I use some of the tactics in Dog Brother style sparring. A few of their feints and misdirections can be used to very good effect in single stick sparring. If you want to learn more about it, I do have a two tape set available on Zulu Stickfighting at Enjoy your training. Aloha!


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      thank you very much. Aloha!