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  • Thanks to Burton

    Hi, I'm Mapick from Italy (excuse my poor english!). I started 6 years old judo, then black belt and istructorship in traditional Kung Fu (Shaolin Chuan and Choi Lei Fat), in '85s full and boxe, then long pause to return with phase one under Mike Faraone (wonderful guy) in Italy and days with Paul Vunak (no words... simple unbeleaveble), after that problems with Mike's federation and I closed my gyms. Now alone... I discovered Burton by italian magazine Budo International and his video. This opened my eyes... Another word! This is the reality!

    So thanks to my Sifu Burton... also if he don't know me!

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    Excuse me, I forgett Sifu Augusto Baracco... I contacted him here in Italy and he immediatly answered me. Very pretty and professional!


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      Ciao Mapick,
      Sono contento che tu hai noi trovato. Spero che noi incontraremo presto. Mi dispiace per il mio Italiano! Aloha!


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        Saluto a Sifu Burton & Augusto

        Hi, I'm Marco from Italy. I continue my training following the wonderfull video Sifu Burton (I hope "Sifu" is the right title, please correct me) made a couple of years ago for "Budo International", here in Italy, and the articles I can reach by internet. I hope to ear from you soon, and in semptember we'll contact Sifu Augusto for some training (now we are 15 guys, very interested in real MMA and in JKD Unlimited's concepts)...

        As always excuse my english! Marco


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          Ciao Marco,
          I am happy to know that you are still training and that you have many students! Very good. I suggest that you call Augusto Baracco, even if it is just to say hello. I hope that you can train with Augusto soon, and I hope to meet you next year in Italy. Se hai qualche domande, scrivimi a Ci vediamo presto, Burton