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  • Outsider comment to Burton...

    Sifu Burton, I just wanted to commend you on your ability to give good training advice to honest seekers of knowledge whilst tempering the emotions I suspect you MUST be feeling whenever somebody with an agenda climbs onto a soapbox. I find Pencak Silat politics to be troublesome enough to stick a loaded gun in my mouth sometimes, I can only imagine what somebody on the forefront of JKD, arguably the largest & most controversial martial arts "target", must feel. I was just reading through some of the older posts...I can see there's no lack of fools in ANY system. Your replys are mature & a credit to Guru Dan.

    A few years ago you came out to do a seminar in Whidby Is., WA, and I commented to you on how different your teaching methodology was from the early 90's when I had seen you last (not that I was anybody you would remember!) You chuckled & said "Man, when I think about how I used to approach martial arts back then...!" It's good to see you're still keep on keepin' on. Evolution and growth is the only way, anything else is stagnant pond water. Others seem to find it easy to point, justify and accuse, the more difficult path is to sweat, bleed & train.

    You put out good advice and quality training information, as a few of my brothers in arms who have been with you can attest. If you take an occasional hit from political snipers or the "creative destruction" of other JKD camps, then you must be doing something right...they wouldn't bother if you didn't know anything.

    Bobbe Edmonds

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    Right on!



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      Hi Bobbe,
      I looked at your site, and I do remember you. Thanks for the kind words. I like to get new and more useful information out on training. If I come across a way to make myself and my students more efficient, then I want to share that. Personal attacks are just silly, so besides the point. I am happy with who I am as a person, and I know that I train and teach honestly. Therefore, personal attacks usually don't affect me. In the interest of honesty, it does bother me when a person who I counted as a friend places the dagger securely in the back. That's not fun, but seems to be part of this thing called life. Best of luck with your school and your teaching. Aloha.