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    Sifu Richardson,
    I've been reading your column in Inside Kung Fu for some time now and I always gain some good advice on training everytime so I just wanna thank you for that. My question is what's the big rift in JKD? Everytime I turn around someone is always trying to have the last word on what's real JKD or not? Does anyone really know for sure, I mean aside from Guro Inosanto who I imagine would have the most insightful view. I have a base foundation in Jow Ga Kung Fu. I don't throw away what I've learned in Jow Ga and if I look into other arts I see how I can always modify the basic skills that I do have. I'm constantly tinkering but the basics remain the same. Does JKD have a similar approach? I'd like to know your insight into this. I'm interested in JKD definitely but there's too much info on what it is/isn't/shouldn't be etc that I'm lost. Any help would be helpful....thanks.

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    A rift in JKD? When did this happen? Seriously, I think that everyone has a different interpretation of what JKD should be, which is fine because it is supposed to be an individual expression rather than a style. However, many teachers believe that their interpretation is the only one. JKD is just a name. For me, it is about being functional, and to be functional you have to test all of your techniques through very hard sparring, and train against a resisting partner. But that doesn't mean that this is the only way that JKD can be interpreted. Some think that it is what Bruce Lee did just before his death, or a certain area, or a philosophy.
    I think the key for most is to know what your goals are in martial arts, then be sure that your training is in line with your goals; just like everyday life. Enjoy!