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  • Newbie in DC

    Hello all,

    I'm glad to have stumbled across these boards. I actually found them quite by accident. I was Googling my SN looking for something I'd written a while back and came across this board as one of the search results. Nit (Do I know you from somewhere BTW??) had called LittleDemon "LilDaemon", which is the nickname I've had since I was 12. (Sorry, other D, just wanted to let you know I wasn't trying to infringe upon you or something). Ironically, I'm also extremely interested in martial arts, specifically Ninjitsu and Bodujitsu, and I am currently on a hunt for a good sensei in the area, so this board is a godsend.

    A little about me:

    I'm a 25 year old female in the Washington DC area currently in school for political science. (big surprise). I'm short, blond, and caucasian. Athletic build. I like long walks in the park, moonlit beaches, and.....oh wait, wrong forum. Anyhow....glad to be a part of the boards.

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    Well met. You say you're interested in Martial Arts; do you want unarmed training, weapons training, or both? I am self-taught; I use the Bo and Rapier as my weapons. I plan on going to a school(s) for them (if I can find any) to get better. Anyway whether you plan to or not, this board is a good source of information regarding plenty of topics. I'm reading posts and asking things myself so hopefully I'll have some good knowledge before I go to any school(s).


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      I"m intersted in both hand-to-hand combat. I've found a couple of sensei's around here, but it seems to be a struggle to find one how offers regular training. I"m hoping to find someone soon thoguh. I"M extremely interested.