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  • Introduction: New to the forums

    Hi guys and girls;
    Thought I'd follow the SOP and introduce myself before I start posting.
    I am 45 years old.
    I live and work in the central florida area. Have lived in the Florida area most of my life.
    I now work in the construction/contracting bussiness.
    I have been in love with the martial arts since I was old enough to watch those old japanese shoalin Saturday morning kung-fu shows at age 12.
    In my youth I worked in a law enforcement atmosphere and worked out with MMA quite a bit.
    I AM NOT a professional fighter and never have been but have always loved all forms of martial arts.
    I have been in a 10 year hiatis (did I spell that right?) since starting my career and family.
    While I miss what I had with my martial arts I don't regret my decision. My family is my life.
    Any way I hope to get a lot of input on my road back to training.

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