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  • Hello all

    Hiya all

    I'm Eric. I'm looking to take a martial art and i'd like some advice on what to take and how to spot frauds and scams. I'm just average Canadian high school student. I took a year of Sikaran under Master Vic Ferrer a while back, but had to quit for financial reasons. Now that those financial issues are resolved, i'm looking to take a martial art again, and i'd like some advice on what to take as I mentioned earlier. I also like discussion on the martial arts and would like to learn more about both Western and Eastern styles.

    Anyways, glad to meet you all and i'm sure i'll have a nice time here.

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    Welcome, there is a virtual treasure chest of information here not to mention the entertainment value!



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      Tell me more about your interests in this area. Why do you want to study? What goals do you wish to achieve? I can provide you with information that may help you make your decision, but I need to know about you as person first - then I can give you my honest opinion. As to frauds, I would use the same criteria used on any other type of fraud: if its too good to be true, it probably isnt. Can the teacher back up their claims under controlled scientific conditions? Do they have verifiable credentials? Are they all talk and no show? How do their students act on the mat and outside the school? Are their students good? Are they respectful of others and all other arts? Do you have to pay a lot of money up front? Are you guaranteed a certain ranking in a specific time? There are a lot of other clues. Mainly you have to jump in and test the waters. But first do your research on the subject matter so you have competent knowledgable questions to ask the teacher AND students. Then you can make your judgement based on that.

      For example - what would you think of a school where a student has trained for 8 yrs yet cannot describe what their art really is or even tell you their head instructors name?
      Does that tell you something about the teacher at that school?

      In my opinion, it can often be hard to see a fraud. But with knowledge under your belt, at least you will be more competent in your choices, and less likely to make poor choices in the future.

      Write me back either by email ( or find me in AllExperts Questions & Answers
      (martial arts section) and ask more questions. I'll help as much as I can. But its up to you to get out there and get your feet wet.



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        Does your HS have a wrestling team?