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  • Really wet behind the ears

    Hi Ya
    My Name is Jess and just popping in here to say hello (wave)
    Im going to be honest and say Im here because of a new client I have just taken on board (I work in the world of affiliate marketing) and I really want to learn more about MMA as this is something up until very recently, I had no idea how massive it is or indeed that it even existed. This may tickle you, I thought MMA was like WWE (I know... Im so duhhhh) So that will tell you how wet behind the ears I am. Im not based in the US but sunny london (UK). Im not here to promote my client but to really get a handle on MMA, the rules and the players. Im already learning loads but way more to absorb.
    I will try to give something back as its not fair just asking questions all the time from folks. But what I can give back now, that will be a challenge :0)
    Any way a big hello and Ill try not lurk too much but please do excuse the odd duhhhh questions like... who makes up the official rules? Because there are so many moves attached to each martial art. This is not an anything goes kinda sport at professional level Im assuming here, but I would have thought at street level it's very different?
    Oh... do I get an award for having the longest "Hi y'all"? lol
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    Welcome aboard, feel free to lurk. There are relevant posts in the MMA forum and the archives of topics for at least the last five years.

    There are numerous related topics on most of the other forums as well, enjoy.


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      Thank you


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        Here a link to an article that discusses the basics.

        Mixed Martial Arts part 1: History


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          This is brilliant! Thanks for taking time out to post this, I really appreciate it!
          Jess :0)


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            Thanks Mike, understood and thnx and another thanx for the welcome


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              PS I edited my sig... so maybe you can see Im here to learn and I seriously doubt any one would be interested in what I do re my day job lol