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    Hello everyone in MA forum.I have already given some of this information in previous posting,but I think I have been rude in not introducing myself.I am 55 years old and live in Thailand.I retired from New York State Department of Correctional Services after 25 years of service and moved here 2 years ago.I originally came for a job,but after it waqs completed I moved here permanently.I have 2 homes,one in Chiang Mai and one in central Thailand.

    As far as martial arts,I studied escrima in New York and did some wing chun and krav maga.In the department I was a response officer,unarmed defensive tactics and baton instructor and on cell extraction team.For 8 years I supervised the gang and drug squad,and when I retired I was day shift watch commander at a maximum security prison.

    I am also American Indian,and Indian daeng means red indian in Thai.At an early age I learned knife fighting from my uncles,and also used to compete in tomahawk throwing competitions.

    Now I teach stick fighting here to farmers who have been having their crops stolen by bandits,as sticks are only legal weapons they can use.I should also say I learn as much or more from my students as they do from me.The Thai people are great fighters,but also very kind and great fun to be around.I am not a great martial artist.I do not really think I am really a martial artist at all.But between 25 years in prison and growing up in a black neighborhood in New York,I can say I do have some experience of fighting and violence.I rreally enjoy reading the postings and learn something every day.Many fine young men and women are out there today practicing martial arts and I am happy to know this. Thank you for your consideration in reading this overly lengthy introduction.

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    We are honored by your participation!

    Welcome and I look forward to reading more from you...



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      thank you

      hank you tantO1.I appreciate it.There is one thing I must say.I have only participated in one internet forum before coming to Thailand and it was related to my job in US.I now regularly read and write to both this forum and one which is for foreigners living in Thailand.The interesting thing to me is that the people in this forum,who I believe are mostly young and obviously interested in martial arts,seem much more sensible,honorable and decent than the majority in the Thailand forum,who are mainly either older expats or young backpackers.This would prove that martial artists are not the sadistic or psychotic individuals many people in general public believe us all to be.I am also impressed that,unlike in the other forum,people can differ greatly in their opinions and still treat each other with respect,unlike as is often the case elsewhere.Now that I am getting older and long past my prime as a competitor,I am not so much interested in techniques and war stories as I am the principles of courage and honor that are found in the postings of many people in this forum.


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        Greetings to everyone.

        I am Wing Chun teacher who believes that all martial arts are one big family that makes people better by developing humanity and sense of responsibility