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Former Kronk Fighter checking in!

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  • Former Kronk Fighter checking in!

    Hello All,

    My name is Eissac. I formerly fought at Mickey Goodwin's boxing gym followed by Kronk in Detroit, Mi. This was a course of about 3 years.(heavy training, have lightly trained my whole life) Although I Never had any actual fights,(planed on waiting a bit when I first started so i could take the sleeper approach) I had trained for fights at Kronk. Reason being that I never had any fights was that I would get screwed out of them. People that I had knocked out or stopped would get the fights over me. I will not throw my opinion as to why out there but I will say one thing..I was the minority.

    Anyways, just wanted to give a little background in that. I also trained in BJJ when I was about 12-13(i am 17 now). I recently started dabbling in BJJ and MMA, to only be stopped and sent back to boxing due to the death of my old trainer(a remembrance fight).

    I also have become quite interested in Muay Boran, so I began researching it. This is actually How I stumbled upon the site.

    Seeing as I am only 17, live in a really good ans safe town, have a fairly extensive fighting history, am strong and fast, and a good guy to almost all people I have not had to fight out side of the ring or dojo on many occasions, thankfully. (will tell stories later maybe)

    Just wanted to introduce myself and tell a little bit about my combative history.


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    Good to have you here. Welcome aboard Eissac.


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      Welcome and I look forward to your contributions in our boxing forum too.
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        thank you for the invites. There seems to be a wealth of information here.