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  • Hello all

    John here; just joined. I've been studying taekwondo for the past 5 years -- martial arts is just one of those great things we can't get enough of, right? After growing up watching Bruce Lee and all the other action flicks I could get my hands on, I knew I'd study martial arts as soon as possible (although, I missed out growing up b/c I was busy with football, basketball, and track). Stay true to yourself, John.

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    John, welcome.. You will come to enjoy this community. There is a lot of great information here..


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      hello every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Developed in India, yoga is a spiritual practice that has been evolving for the last 5,000 years or so. The original yogis were reacting, in part, to India's ancient Vedic religion, which emphasized rituals. The yogis wanted a direct spiritual experience -- one on one -- not symbolic ritual. So they developed yoga.
      Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the classical language of India.

      According to the yogis, true happiness, liberation and enlightenment comes from union with the divine consciousness known as Brahman, or with Atman, the transcendent Self. The various yoga practices are a methodology for reaching that goal.
      In hatha yoga, for example, postures and breathing exercises help purify the mind, body and spirit so the yogi can attain union.

      Pranayama breathing exercises help clear the nadis, or channels, that carry prana the universal life force, allowing prana to flow freely. When the channels are clear and the last block at the base of the spine has been opened, Kundalini rises through the spine, through the central channel called the sushumna-nadi, and joins the crown chakra. According to the tradition, the release of Kundalini leads to enlightenment and union.
      yoga retreat


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        Welcome (or not)

        Originally posted by smihugflu
        I am a newbie in this forum, so i would like to make a new member and contribute my ideas and improve my knowledge from the others.I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.Gee! this thread will attract many people to give more info

        I'm deleting sig lines with URLs today and banning spammers...

        Welcome to my short list!


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          Hello Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet youl


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            great that i found this forum. People here are great. Learned alot. Keep posting more boudoir photography new orleans