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  • Call for Video Submissions!

    Everybody has a fight story; don't make us beat it out of you. is a fully interactive space created for users to post, comment, and blog about their fight stories. Although there are a lot of great physical fight stories out there, not every fight story includes punches being thrown. We also want to hear about that big argument you got into while in line at the grocery store, for example.

    So tell us your story! Here's how:

    Vlog It - Grab a camera or use your webcam and tell us your story. Keep your story short and sweet (under two minutes) but don't spare any of the juicy details.

    Stage a Fight - Choreograph a fight Hollywood style, or recreate a fight that you were in or have seen.

    Show us your fight - Upload the actual video of your fight. If it's a fight and it's a video, we want to see it. We'll see you there!