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Best dog breed for a cat household

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  • Best dog breed for a cat household

    Our family has just bought a beautiful big house, and we are finally getting a dog! We have two Siamese cats, they're not vicious at all (they are cute, intelligent, and funny as states). What breed does get on well with cats?

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    Hi, tbh most breeds of dog can live quite happily with cats if they have been introduced properly. Just ensure the cats have somewhere they can go to that the dogs can't if it gets too much for them.​


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      Thanks for sharing your insights! Learning about IPO and how it tests a dog's abilities in different areas is so interesting. It's sad to hear about the passing of your beautiful boy Slash, but it's clear that he was a talented and well-trained dog. It's wonderful to hear that Poodles can also excel in IPO with quality training and how versatile these dogs can be. BTW, if anyone is interested in getting a Poodle, there are many options out there, including toy poodle puppies for sale. Just make sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. It's always great to learn from others in the dog community.