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    Hello all. I just registered on this board. Its great to find a place with good MA discussion. Im a 2 dan in Hapkido. I am a member of the Korean Hapkido Federation, GM Oh Se Lim's organization. I started my traing in Taekwondo at the age of 17. I moved to Tang Soo Do, and later Hapkido when I was stationed in South Korea. The gym I trained at also had a Muay Thai class taught by a former Thai champion. My kwangjanim brought him over from Thailand to teach at his school. This is one reason I started training at his school. Most Korean masters think their art is the best. Many frown on cross trainining, especially in their own school! My master is a former ROK Marine Force Recon. Now he teaches on Osan AB as well as his Dojang. I had a significant part in that. I was tired of seeing GI's ripped off on base by Shady Korean instructors. I wanted to leave something positive at the base. It worked. He's been teaching there since the end of July, and has quite a few students. I did not get to see this, because my tour was up, but I will in two years.

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    You can get me hapkido lessons? discounted price? special DEFEND.NET discount..