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New contest? 100 BONUS rep. points!!!

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  • New contest? 100 BONUS rep. points!!!

    Hey there EF!

    Just wanted to ask if you think my idea would be an abuse of power before I throw it out there on the forum?

    A little contest to stir up some activity?

    I want to see folks with more REPUTATION. I'm doing a little experiment with our infamous buddy Jubaji.

    With his consent of course! I've wanted to see this for a long time! LOL

    He's a good sport and I've assured him he would have ALL his points and POWER restored.

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    slowness is good...

    Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
    tough call, it could be a whole can of worms, or it could work out.

    Before you do anything I'd send Tim a PM and ask him about it.
    Or not...

    I wonder if anyone even cares enough to pick a number...

    LOL Oh well...