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    Today I let in about twenty new members...

    I deleted two awaiting moderation. The I-phone thing and BEANUMBERONEMAN e-mail...

    Beefy Goblin and a few others seem suspect to me. We shall see? May be more work to delete them later but I tend to give the benefit of doubt...

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    I'll let them in, you can help them out...

    I did delete one spammer today. I tried a second one but someone must have beat me to it.

    I don't mind cleaning up the mess. (If you wanna let them in?)


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      What's the deal with this character alan ch?

      I looked at some IP's and there are a few similar ones associated with his co/uk host?

      Was he here before?

      Thanks EF.


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        At your leisure!

        Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
        I'll check it out later, I just drove 8 hours back from wisconsin. Thank God that trip is over.

        Thanks Tim. No hurry. It's not like he's especially malicious or anything.

        Just curious...