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  • Enough is enough???

    Originally posted by TTEscrima
    I'm sending this PM as a formal record of protest about continues personal attacks in direct violation of the forum rules.

    TTEXCREMENT is a rather obvious personal attack in direct violation of the rules of the forum, he has called me that relentlessly for a year now without it being stopped. I haven't replied to a single one of his post since December of last year and yet even after multiple warnings from XF and you that I'd be banned if I talked back to him he is allowed to continue. This is allowed to go on until I dare to reply then a mod comes in and warns of bannings and everyone but Jubaji stops.

    This is hypocritical moderation at its finest, Jubaji gets special treatment and is allowed to flagrantly violate the rules and make personal attacks.
    I don't want to over step my authority here but is there some reason I shouldn't BAN Jubaji?

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    LOL No worries... I ban spammers and try to keep things in order but we still have some baby sitting duties I hesitate to act on.