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  • Down for Data Transfer

    My machine is going in the shop today so I won't be here again until next week sometime.

    (The new machine should be up by tuesday...)

    Have a great weekend gentlemen...

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    Still working the bugs out. just got back up again a few days ago. guess I didn't miss too much?

    There's a blog post spam by member penis15 (id: 20931) that needs to go away?

    trying to navigate and moderate on this chunk of digital interface is trying me...



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      My stupid machine is going in to be serviced again on Monday...

      I've got malware again...

      Insecure Internet activity. Threat of virus attack
      Due to insecure Internet browsing your PC can easily get infected with viruses, worms and trojans without your knowledge, and that can lead to system slowdown, freezes and crashes.
      Also insecure Internet activity can result in revealing your personal information.
      To get full advanced real-time protection for PC and Internet activity, register PC Antispyware 2010.


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        Fake anti spyware removal may take a couple days... Did I mention the service here in the WOODS may take that long?

        Hope you got a grip on the spammers this week? Thanks again Tim(s)


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          freezing up..

          Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
          no problem, if you are still having computer trouble let me know and I can walk you through cleaning it up.

          I can only click about ten pages here before AOL just stops responding.

          Trying to see if it happens on my Yahoo now...


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            I'm going to ban Jubaji. He has little to contribute but insults and badgering ...