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    I'd like to start taking classes, but I have a question first. When I view the site, it says you guys offer many different classes, such as BJJ, Boxing, Jeet kune do, etc. My question is, is there anyway I can just take one, without having to take any of the others? I've been very interested in boxing for a while, and you guys are the only viable boxing establishment for me.

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    I forgot to mention, I would be looking to attend the Brittmoore address.


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      At Brittmoore, the only curriculum offered is MMA. Boxing is part of the curriculum but training consists of much more.

      At the Shepherd location you could take straight boxing which is taught by professional fighter/boxer Pat Swan.

      Sorry for the delay as I just saw your question.




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        Just thought I'd chip in and say Pat Swan is an excellent coach, awesome sparring partner and a great guy. I have worked with him for about a year and it improved my hand speed, power, ability to take a punch and strategy a whole lot.

        Pat will build you....then the other old guys will beat you up...jk.

        I remember once when we'd finished sparring and Tim brought in a young, up & coming cruiserweight golden gloves boxer to get some sparring in. The guy was very experienced, had long reach, a freaking hard punch and tore me up within two rounds.

        Pat got in. Pat avoided or took some of this guy's best and controlled the direction of the fight the entire time and made him work without going past the guys ability. Pat's an awesome boxer but more importantly has excellent control.
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