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XMA? What is this crap?

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  • XMA? What is this crap?

    I didn't even know this crap existed! lol I thought it existed in the realm of The Karate Kid, so weird...

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    nah its a show "explaining the science behind martial arts"

    I watched it and it was pathetic. it showed this dude who was a "5 time world champion" and they showed him sparring and it was an embarrasement to just watch it. quote, "Yeah I hate getting hit in the head, i just hate it. (Narrarrator: And he gets hit in the head alot). I could rant a long time about this show. But i dont want to waiste my finger Chi


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      never heard of this world martial arts competition that hes talking about, its pretty sad.


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        World champion of what???? I saw a little of that show and had to turn it off. What trips me out is these so called world champions. I had the pleasure of attending a boxing exhibition a coupl eof weeks ago and there was a guy there who was a 4 time world champion kickboxer trying to make the crossover he had a record of like 24-2 fighteing a fat overweight boxer with a record of 6-7 the fat guy made him look stupid.


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          World championg of fighting with pads and helmets on. Probably still had his tampon in too.


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            Disgusting television. Seriously.


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              XMA, or "Extreme Martial Arts," is not just a show. It is a modern movement started by many, inluding but not limited to, Mike Chat (

              Essentially, they are taking the "traditional" martial arts, and incorporating dance, acrobatics, and other "flash" type of items into the art... it is not for practical application, and most of them do not deny this. It is strictly for competition and/or movies, and mostly just for fun.

              I suggest you check out, and if you would like to further look into this -- but be warned.

              Now, as to the show that aired on the Discovery channel, also titled "XMA," it was definatly a let down. It was all too basic, simple, and based mostly on competition -- and the brick and wood breaking partition was disgusting. They made it seem like some macho, mullet-wearing sport.



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                I just got done watching the show. The MA stuff they did was a joke but the effect where cool. they explained thing of how the bones rebuild after abuse to get stronger and how the nerves deaden, how the body rebuilds itself. Thing like that where cool but the MA was sorry. That 5 time world champ couldn't even break a breakaway peace of hollywood stunt crap.


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                  I too felt that it was total crap. Some nobody talking about his great comeback but isn't even close to being good.

                  I was expecting something good and was totally disappointed. I would have rather seen someone like Matt thornton explaining alive training, or even someone talking about olympic judo or something to that horrible example of self promotion. It had nothing to do with martial arts and everything to do with hyping a movie and some group of point sparers that no one has even heard of or cares about.

                  I wish I had the set up they did, I've wanted to use some of that equipment for years.


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                    If martial artists want good media coverage and films about their arts..... martial artists themselves need to make them.



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                      I had mixed opinions. I thought it wasn't too bad of an intro. to Martial Arts, and it will probably make some people sign up for Tae Kwon Do classes. I still think those guys should get in the cage with Vitor Belfort or in the ring with Oscar De La Hoya. But given the right training (Mike did display limited Jiu-Jitsu knowledge) those guys could be stuffs in reality fighting, I just don't think it is there thing.

                      The gym I first started training at is getting into the XMA stuff.... I don't train there much anymore, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


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                        Lots of sports that start with X have done well.


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                          Shite acrobatics.


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                            Rsemblance to Karate Kid?

                            That "5 time world champion" looks strangely similar to the girly boy from Karate Kid... so sad...

                            If he got into the ring with any MMAist, he'd get whipped...

                            this show gives MA's such bad publicity, where did they find this crap???????


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                              it's sad that the only exposure we get is either over violent media shows or uber cheese stuff like this....

                              why isn't the realistic approach of honor, integrity, and dicipline combined with real martial arts enough?

                              the sadder thing is that 90% of the schools out there teach crap exactly like this...