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Minnesota Wrestling Coach Sues University

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  • Minnesota Wrestling Coach Sues University

    I just saw this and I was wondering how everyone felt about Title IX - pro/con. Just thought it could generate discussion.

    My thought is that it is consistant EO since these institutions are reciving local and federal government aid. Mostly, it really is only a problem for those sports which female programs are not developed (ie football, wrestling, etc.)
    But it does sound like this coach is crying about nothing.

    MINNEAPOLIS(AP) Minnesota wrestling coach J Robinson filed a gender discrimination complaint against the university.

    Robinson, who led the Gophers to the 2002 national title, contends the men's sports programs do not receive equal treatment at the school.

    "If you are on the man's side you don't get what the women's side gets," Robinson, declining to give specifics, said Wednesday. "There is just a lot of little things."

    He said he objected to the way the university implemented Title IX, the 1973 legislation requiring all federally funded institutions to offer equal opportunities to women and men.

    Former Minnesota athletic director Tom Moe reprimanded Robinson in 2002 for using university resources to protest Title IX. Robinson accuses the school of retaliating against him because of his stance.

    Robinson filed his discrimination complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The university's lead attorney did not immediately return a call.

    Robinson, in his 18th season at Minnesota, and other college wrestling coaches have cited Title IX as one reason universities have trimmed wrestling budgets and discontinued some men's sports programs.

    The complaint comes as the Gophers (9-6, 3-3) prepare for their meet against archrival Iowa on Sunday and the Big Ten championships in March.

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    Originally posted by IPON
    I just saw this and I was wondering how everyone felt about Title IX - pro/con. Just thought it could generate discussion.

    That title 9 thing is horrible. I remember when boston college was forced to axe their wrestling program. They advertised in student papers and tried like the dickens to field women's sports teams--and couldn't. There were not enough female students interested in sports, other than those already being offered, to build programs. Meanwhile, college boys who had wrestled since the age of 5 and who had gone to the school in large part because of their desire to participate on the team, were suddenly told "beat it, we're gonna have a women's rugby team whether they want one or not!"

    Women's sports--great thing
    title 9--political tool that has done great harm


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      The update is a new lawsuit because women's hockey,volleyball and basketball are being treated as"revenue sports" but they have never earned a dime.That way they qualify for extra money taking it away from his wrestling program among other things.They want matching funds and facilities, but must qualify in the same way financially.


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        I know that he did not like the fact that the they cancelled his university of washington diploma so he was angry about it. There are other ways in which he could have achieved a diploma.