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    Ok here's the deal. Ever since I acquired my first of 3 dogs about 3 years ago, I've been hanging my hat so to speak on them being the first line of defense against a burgler, especially at night time. The plan is that they would be able to alert me or even hold off an attacker long enough that I could come and finish the job. They aren't the most fericious of beasts, but they will definitely bark intently at the littlest of sounds.

    My questions are as follows:

    1) Am I placing blind faith in something that is easily sidestepped. Is there an easy way for burglers to break in w/o disturbing (not counting shooting) the dogs?

    2) Given that they aren't the most ferocious (2 are brothers: German shepard border collie mixes (45 lbs), and 1 pug, none have ever demonstrated having a mean bone in their bodies), do you think that they would step it up and attack if needed? Are there any stories floating around out there to back up this?


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    I have always had dogs, and have been a trainer for attack and release.

    1.) german Shepards are bred to be a human-aggressive dog, for the purpose of protection/guard dog.

    2.) Pugs are similar in nature in that they were bred to be carried by the social elite. They dogs were actually carried in the peoples arms to alert them of people sneaking up on them.

    3.) The baddest dog of all time. The grand champion of all dog fights was a Collie. Border collies are similar in that they are very intelligent, active, and have natural protection/herding instincts.

    4.) Two of your dogs being brothers means they would actually work together very well to protect "the pack"

    So yes, dogs are very good protection. But are you doing all you can to train them for that possibility?
    Many people leave food out for the dogs to eat at all time. This takes the role of master away from you, and makes the dogs think that food is free. In other words, if they were offered food from someone else, they would eat it.

    How easy would it be in your situation for someone to either tame your dogs through food, or throw poisioned food over the fence?

    Do you work your dogs to tire them out, build them up, and get them used to stressful situations? Many dogs will bark at a person, but once kicked upside the head will run for shelter. Like people dogs revert to what they're used to. Usually when a person yells at a dog, the dog becomes instantly subservient.

    If your dogs did attack, would you be able to control them and make them stop?

    Dogs are very dumb and weak compared to humans. Easily sidestepped/killed/tamed. they have been bred for thousands of years to be subservient to humans, but some breeds (like german shephards) have also been bred for their guard dog instincts.

    What you have are great pets, I'm sure. But without training them attack/release commands they are not in my opinion going to step-it-up and attack a burglar. They will however bark, at least out of nervousness, and will alert you to the burglars presence.

    anymore questions, or questions on training I'd be happy to help.
    personally I'd enjoy them as pets, know their limitations, be happy that they are so timid, and not really worry about burglars at all.

    Most burglars will not target/enter a house that has dogs in it.


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      my friend has a dog that is a mix of chow and lab. its in no way an aggressive dog, and in fact gets scared easily. however even if it sees somone hugging my friend or his family members, it becomes aggressive and protective. if it sees something it perceives to be violence directed towards someone it lives with it becomes agressive toward that person. dogs do not like seeing violence being commited against their masters, and most will try to stop it.


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        That dog has issues. Dogs that are fearful of humans are the most dangerous. Also a dog should never step up as the protector, that is the job of the pack leader. Seriously that dog needs training before it hurts someone, as it has placed itself as the pack leader. Just my opinion, I could be wrong as I've never seen the dog. But it sounds like that dog has some nervous energy and could easily be frightened and attack out of fear.


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          I had a goldfish once. When I was hugging my girlfriend he jumped out of his bowl and bit her in the(da) neck! Now that's protection
          I think german sheperds are the best protection dogs there cool


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            I guess statistics have proven that if you have a dog in the house, you're less likely to get burgled than if you didn't have a dog. Ultimately, most criminals are looking for the softest target - this applied to house burglaries, bank robberies, assault, sexual assault, etc. They're not out looking for a job that's going to be a pain in the ass. Having a dog is a hurdle that is going to make them consider moving onto a property with no dog. You having several dogs is probably even more of a deterrant.


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              What you have are great pets, I'm sure. But without training them attack/release commands they are not in my opinion going to step-it-up and attack a burglar.
              I find this to be incorrect. Dogs grow protective of their masters and family. Certain breeds more than others and larger dogs will have a bigger impact. But I find it unnecessary to have to train a dog for it to be a good protector. A number of dogs, like the Shepard, have the natural instinct to provide protection for its family and many dogs have been successful in doing so.

              We're not talking about security dogs to look over the grounds of some facility. Not even a police dog that the needs to performance mandate the proper training for the job. I have a Weim that will take a persons arm if they don't belong, and a Dachshund that will get snippy if you mess with his mom. Though the little guy won't be a great threat, he tries and he could cause a distraction.

              Though I do believe people should learn how to handle their dogs and how to send the right messages of who is master and who isn't. Most dogs natutal instinct will do for home defense perpuses.

              I just went and talked to an ex-trainer and he really disagreed with that statement. Things he brought up;

              1) For a German Shepard to even be considered for training it must first show that it will attack a stranger and bite. He's seen plenty of famliy Shepards that would take your leg off if you we not a friendly.

              2) Working/Herding class have that breed into them and even the ones not used for those jobs still have the instinct.

              3) A number of these breeds were used to fight wolves and poachers; burglars should do.

              4) Training a family dog for attack and release will either make the dog more controlable or make the situation worse.

              5) Collie's can become quite nasty in this type of situation for reasons that are stated above.


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                Thanks for the insights guys. You've given me some new thoughts and confirmed some others. I really appreciate it.



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                  When we had our dog I felt safe with him at home because he looked pretty menacing in the frontdoor window even though he did not have a vicous bone in his entire body no one ever tried to break in, both people across got broken into a few times but we never did. That was enough for me I dont think personally I would want my dog trained to attack, having kids it would just be too risky I would personally rather have the dog as a companion and get an alarm, also I think the risk to the dog would be to great especially if the intruder had a gun. You may want to post your question on a doggy forum but be warned they can be real vicous if someone doesn't agree with your statement.

                  My mom had a black lab once that apparently was the gentlest dog and never showed any aggression, she said one day someone came to the door trying to sell something and became very aggressive apparently the dog sensed my mom was afraid and went after the man not sure exactly what happened but they can probably sense when something is wrong maybe they smell fear or adrenaline.

                  Good luck!!