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    So here’s the deal, I’m going to Italy for two weeks…YIPPY! For some reason my father is packing twelve suitcases, six with clothes and six with crap…well not crap, but gifts. One of the gifts is seventy pounds of frozen fish, who brings frozen fish over seas? Not to mention the weight limit imposed due to gas prices; how will be getting all this stuff over there? I don’t want to be carrying fish in my luggage, if I get there and the first thing is say is “what is that smell I don’t want it to be from my bags”. Besides all that, almost all the suitcases are full and there are still 4 people who need to pack for the trip and I still need to bring more pants. WTF, why is he bringing so much unnecessary stuff? Well if anyone has ideas on how I can get all this to travel well give me a holler, I’m going to need all the advice I can get.


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    My first bit of advice would be to check with the airline. You should be able to check a crate-sized box. I think though you'll end up having to pay extra. The weight limits have really come down. I remember flying back from Singapore in August 2001 with 60 kg (130 pounds) of baggage, and I didn't have to pay extra (Thank you JAL).

    The good news is that frozen fish should stay frozen (check with the airline if packing it in dry-ice is an option) if you end up having to put it in with your luggage. One of my parents' friends came back from Korea and had a big jar of kimchi break in his luggage. Now THAT'S fragrant.

    Second bit of advice (which I'm sure you know): travel light. Don't pack things that you miiiight need. Why does he need six suitcases worth of clothes for two weeks? It may be cheaper to buy what you need over there, especially if you get hit with an over-weight luggage sur-charge! Getting the numbers from the airline should help him make up his mind.
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      if your dad is going to take that many clothes make him wear like 8 layers of it on the plane so you can bring so extra pants. I'd be more worried about how i'm guann pick up some hot italian chicks rather than the fish in my dad's luggage.