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Political Correctness & Obama

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    Originally posted by TTEscrima View Post
    If you haven't noticed, I haven't clicked on or read a post much less replied to him since Dec of last year when he was outed and threw a fit to the mods


    "threw a fit"?

    Is that what happened, Excrement? Maybe you and the other hairdressers want to post a video of someone else and pretend it's me again?

    Stick to copying and pasting, champ.


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      Sounds like a good idea to me.


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        Originally posted by JadeDragon View Post
        .....What do you think of these new terms we're supposed to use? Do you think these new "politically correct" terms are neccessary and/or stupid?
        We aren't 'supposed' to use them. The president has stated that his administration will use them. The president gets to use whatever term the president wants. Like 'axis of evil', 'new world order', 'evil empire', 'definition of is is' etc.

        Bush got to say 'enemy combatant' and Obama gets to say 'detainee'
        If you look up the word 'detainee' you'll notice that it's accurate.

        Here it is:

        a person held in custody, esp. for a political offense or for questioning"

        Are the terms 'necessary or stupid'? They are neither, rather they are an attempt to define the discussion.
        You've obviously got a lot of education (probably more than me) I would think this would be clearer to you. Maybe too many high-fallutin' books clouding your thoughts. Or trips to Europe.


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          Originally posted by gregimotis View Post
          You've obviously got a lot of education .

          LOL! Jethro? I think he got all the way to the third grade.