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    Originally posted by Tim Mousel View Post

    Ajarn Chai asked that I make my test available via video, so here it is....

    Test rules can be viewed here:

    At the time of my test which was in 1990, holders did not wear shin pads and there was no headgear. The requirement was 60 kicks and 40 knees per 3 minute round.

    The holder for my first round was Mike Parker and the second round holder was Terry Gibson.

    The test was held at an international martial arts camp in Wisconsin promoted by Pete Hetricks. Guro Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, Paul DeThouars, Burt Poe and Ajarn Chai all taught.

    Four people took their test that good friend and training partner Dean Lessei, Dave Leitch, John Fehling and myself. Greg Nelson, Burt Richardson and a few other guys were holders. The only person to pass that day was Dave. Dean retook his second test with me in Atlanta and passed and I'm not sure what John did.

    On to the fun...

    You can`t see it here all ||||| Great Sorted By Channels Fight Videos |||||

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    Thanks for the INFO.

    YouTube - docthailand's Channel

    You CAN Do It!!
    Be apart of Muay Thai HISTORY!!

    For the 1st time ever there is (14) Thai Professors that have earned a PHD in Muay Thai!! They want to Certify people through the Thai Government Educational system with the Offical Stamp of Thailand to Certify people in Muay Thai!! Khru VUT Kamnark is doing this and has been one of the biggest promoters of Muay Thai in California USA. Interested in this amazing opportunity??

    E-mail me now. ;-) Phra JAO uay phra pon,

    YouTube - docthailand's Channel


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      is that sor vorapin gym?


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        That is no Gym ... it is someone's house in BKK. ;-)


        That is no Gym, it is Khru VUT Kamnark's house in BKK and he is building it for his son. Khur VUT was in USA for 19 years, did VUT Promotions in LA So-Cal and California Muay Thai really misses him.

        Hey I just took this picture, come to Paradise Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand and meet the Muay Thai Monkeys.

        Phra JAO uay phra pon, DOC. ;-)

        Muay Thai Monkey:
        YouTube - Muay Thai Monkey

        YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


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          ah ok, looked like the side of vorapin. nvm