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    26-year old MMA fighter, Jarrod Wyatt, ripped his 21-year old friend's still beating heart from his chest as well as his eye after ingesting a hefty dose of what appears to be mushroom tea. Apparently the blood was so immense, that the entire house was made into a crime scene.

    The man, Justin Davis, had been there earlier in the day and saw Wyatt (the killer) acting strangely after drinking “some kind of mushroom tea,” according to the statement. Davis left for Crescent City, but returned later to pick up his dog. Davisarrived to find Wyatt standing in the living room naked and covered with blood, according to the statement. Wyatt told Davis, according to the statement, that he was going to cut out Powell's heart. Davis went to a nearby pay phone to call law enforcement.

    A deputy arrived at the residence and reportedly saw Wyatt on the couch with Powell's body, which was covered in blood and had most of its face removed. A large incision in the chest could be seen, and other unspecified body parts had been removed. An eyeball was resting in the middle of the room, according to the statement.

    Wyatt allegedly told the deputy that he'd cut Powell's heart out and thrown it into the fire.

    Powell's death certificate reads that he died from having his heart removed while he was still alive, causing him to bleed to death. It also lists as significant blunt force trauma to the head and neck, and compression of the neck.

    What appeared to be wild mushrooms were in the kitchen, the deputy reported. The deputy also discovered a marijuana garden in the house when he went to search for additional victims, the statement reads.

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    You are not going to find any good mushrooms in Jamaica, it is waaaay to humid for them to grow naturally and no one bothers to grow them indoors. You will however be able to find pretty much everything else, especially 'naturals' and pills. But like I tell everyone, BE CAREFUL who you buy from and pay attention to what you're paying for.

    On a side note, it's sad that Jamaica has gotten a name for being a place that's easy to find drugs. The dealers are just trying to make a decent wage and they know that selling weed (and other things) to tourists is the best way to make money.


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      Check the news stories for a guy that took his his own testicles off with a pair of scissors? It made the local (to me) media cringe.

      People poison themselves ALL the time. By design or by accident has little to do with our demise. It's all the same to me.

      Frankly, the world might be better off without idiots that indulge to such extremes. To each his own I suppose?


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        Just remember contrary to prior belief, these things only enhance your personality, not change it.


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          Originally posted by kingoftheforest View Post
          Just remember contrary to prior belief, these things only enhance your personality, not change it.
          Agreed. That's why I'm such a violent and unpredictable predator under the influence. They don't make me BAD. They only make me worse!


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            Wild Mushroom Tea is extremely dangerous for drinking. I would recommend you to try harney and sons tea over it as it is really amazing and has a great taste and health benefits as well.