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Cost effective medical care? Fly to India

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  • Cost effective medical care? Fly to India

    India is one of the developing countries which recently emerged as a prominent medical tourist destination. Patients, not only from the neighbouring countries, but also from the whole of Asia and across the continents, visit Indian hospitals which are known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly talented resources. A Planning Commission report states that the services in the health sector are very expensive in foreign countries. For example, the cost of a heart surgery in India is three times less compared to that of England and four times less than that of the US.

    The economic and social factors across the globe suggest that the influx of the visitors to India in search for better medical facilities will continue in the near future.Many hospitals in the private sector in India provide quality treatment at comparatively cheap rates. Apart from this, the Indian doctors are known for their skill and knowledge in medical science. Indian education system has set some stringent criteria to become a doctor; so those who graduate in medicine from our universities will be well-qualified. Apart from that, the medical students and practitioners here are fluent in English and this language ability helps them communicate better with foreign patients. These factors too contribute to the influx of patients to India.

    It is not only the allopathic system that lures patients from across the globe. Out traditional medical system, Ayurveda, too attracts a lot of patients and there are many who come to India for availing arthritis Ayurvedic treatment, back pain Ayurvedic treatment, [URL deleted] skin ayurvedic treatment, etc.

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