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defence against a dog attack

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  • defence against a dog attack

    Hello can anyone give advise on what to do if a dog is aproaching you and its about to atack. is it posible to fight a dog with any form of martial arts or are you going to get ripped to pieces no matter what u do .

    has any one had expeareance of warding off a dog in a reall atackif so how do you stop it . would a heavy walking stick stop it if used with stick fighting methods if so which which is best and do you have to kill the dog

    how close do you let the dog get before you lash out

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    That's a tough one! I would never go empty-handed against a viscious dog and would first try to run away. But if a chase happens and I wasn't fast enough, I would opt for a utility blade as defense.


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      My Opinion

      I once had a guy sick his German Sheppard dog on me. He was trying to scare me and told me that his dog would be able to take me out in a second no matter what martial arts I could do. I told him that if he wanted his dog to get seriously hurt to go ahead and do it. He told the dog, "Get him, boy! Sick 'em!"
      That dog was like a bolt of lightning, the dog was about twenty feet away and within a second he was almost in my face. At the time I was in TaeKwonDo for about 6 years. Without thinking my "fighting" mentality kicked in and I timed it absolutely perfectly and I did a spinning 180 roundhouse kick that was straight out of a Jean Claude VanDamme movie. I nailed that dog square in the sid eof the head as he lunged to bite me.
      All I heard was "CRACK" and that dog went down like a ton of bricks. I just stood there, I was more shocked than the owner was, in a fighting stance. The dog picked itself up and yelped all the way back to the owner and hid behind him. The owner almost wet himself after my display and he quickly went back in his house all the while he was swearing at me that next time I wouldn't be so lucky.


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        one of the more painful but worth while ways, is when the dog attacks you, grab it's lower jaw and keep it low... it keeps the dog from being able to bite, thus rendering it unable to attack you...


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          I read on another forum that if you pull the dogs front paws apart very sharply it will kill the dog. I don't know how true that is though. I do know the snout of a dog is very sensitive so I would strike him on the nose.


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            I find that a little hard to belive, but then again, doing that may break the rips, and puncture the heart..

            i don't reccomend killing dogs, just being able to defend yourself against them...


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              I dont know whether it actually works or not. But I know if I am being attacked by a dog you can guarantee I will try it.


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                here's the answer.....

                Originally posted by HandtoHand
                I dont think that anybody hear advotactes killing dogs or hurting them unless the all out attack you. Many times they just bark at you. Once you have had a vicious dog bark at you, try and jump the fence you can tell the difference.

                Anways i would reccomend a staff, walking stick or some sort of club. But hear is a link to another thread about dogs. I wouldnt suggest trying to get down log with the dog where it is closer to your throat to force its legs appart. I would say that it would be more of a on the ground technique, like when the dog has you down and is close to your throat anyways.

                Dogs Thread Link
                KungFu's Iron Palm is best against all types of Dogs


                Aikido is useless against dogs.....


                Brazillian Jui Jitsu and Judo and Submission Wrestling are all useless against big dogs....

                KungFu Iron Palm is the best and effective to stop all kinds of dogs.


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                  here the answer.....

                  Originally posted by HandtoHand
                  Thats it submit doggie, submit, or else i am going to put in a doggie leg bar. JK Obviously getting down and rolling around with the dog are not advisable because of those big teath. But could you elaborate as to just what Iron Palm is?
                  In KungFu, there are only two highest level of achievement
                  1. Iron Palm (Shaolin KungFu)
                  2. Death Touch (Taoist KungFu)

                  Iron Palm is a non-fighting art kungfu popularized by the Shaolin Based KungFu, a palm strike to the chest or to the back - all in the heart level - its purpose is an immediately speed palming to destroy heart as well as skin and bones that protect the heart. Usually a blood flows out of the mouth. Iron Palm is much quick to apply rather than poison hand(Death Touch).

                  Examples of Iron Palm KungFu: (All Shaolin KungFu)
                  1. GoCho (NgoChoKun KungFu)
                  2. Five Animals KungFu
                  3. Choy Li Fut KungFu
                  4. WingChun KungFu
                  5. HungGar KungFu
                  6. AngKa (LoHan, Arhats KungFu)
                  etc and many more......

                  Death Touch is a non-fighting art kungfu popularized by the Taoist Based KungFu, a forcefull palm push or sword finger to the Chest, back at heart level, 36 death cavities and 72 paralizing cavities of the human body. The purpose is to shock the heart leaving the skin no traces of damage, delayed death touch and many more...

                  Examples of Death Touch/Poison Hand KungFu: (All Taoist KungFu)
                  1. TaiChiChuan KungFu
                  2. ChinNa KungFu
                  3. PaKua KungFu
                  4. Hsing-I KungFu
                  5. ChiDianBun KungFu
                  6. ChitChieTongLongKun (TangLangChuan) Mantis Style KungFu
                  7. SheXingQuan (Snake Style KungFu)
                  etc and many more........


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                    try calling the pound. or throwing a large rock.


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                      Originally posted by HandtoHand
                      Well if the dog is close bending down to the ground, and taking time to pick up a rock may not be advisable. Throwing rocks at dogs will work from a distance, close enough for the rocks to hit them though, but not when they are on top of you.

                      I suppose you could always purchase one of those loop things that you see them using on Animal Cops, but pearsonally a regular walking stick, or staff is easier.

                      sarcasm bro, it was sarcasm. Seriously, though, your opinion is dead on.
                      go check out the debate on highschool wrestling and please tell me what you think about the argument there


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                        Would a staff weapon work against other animals as well? I usually go outside with my Bo, and where I live there are a lot of animals free to roam around spontaneously. I've even seen a bull walk in the street once eating things along the way. And about the dogs... I'm sure I can handle a dog attack with my Bo, but what if there are a multitude of hostile dogs?


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                          Well besides a Bo I also train with a Rapier, but I usually keep that very hidden in my car when I go outside. I guess that wouldn't do any good, so I should probably get a small knife like you say. I know where to get quality crafted types, so I guess I'll just do that. It could help against other animals too. I don't knowing about the walking sticks but since I've been training with the Bo for a long time I guess I could figure it out (I could figure them out especially if they're like Escrima Sticks, but again I don't know about that).


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                            Actually I started out with a wooden Bo, but after seeing it start to crack and get grass marks I got an aluminum one (nice blue color, too). This one was heavier but I got used to it and can now move it with ease. The "unweildly" idea that some people place on the usage of a staff is not so farfetched, but also not close to being true. After much training and practice you can weild it fast, easy, and efficiently. It seems that book is pretty long (judging by the Preface and first chapter), so I'll take my time. Bo, Rapier, Knife, and walking stick seem like my best bets for defense as of current (before I look into any Martial Arts schools). And I don't know why I spell weapons with a capital, I'm just used to it. Thanks for the information.


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                              Kicking the dog on its side like the ribs, or the belly with a roundhouse (hook) or front kick. With either kick the front point of the shoe should be used like in Savate. If you go for the jaw or neck or throat be sure to snap the kick very fast back (recoil). If you follow through with the kick like in Muay Thai be sure to move your kicking foot as soon as you follow through without planting it because if you plant it, the dog might bite the foot especially if the kick didn't land fully.
                              Of course you are much better off with a stick and 2nd choice would be a knife.