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  • Best and Worst Fight

    So I got a bit inspired from someone else's thread, but I like hearing a good fight story. Just wanted to see what you guys may have experienced out there. It could be a friendly sparring match, a confrontation at a party or possibly a life threatening experience. So what was your best and worst fights?

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    I couldn't tell you much. I seldom remember complete fights, mostly a little here and there. The rest is a blur. I can remember pounding the crap out of a pursesnatcher who grabbed my wife's handbag, while I was standing beside her. I caught him, then I remember something about a ground and pound, then my wife holding me in her arms trying to get me off his bloodied body.


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      Wow, crazy.
      Fortunately... or unfortunately, depending on how you see it... I haven't had a real life and death situation like that.
      Most of my stuff is confrontations, high school, parties, bars... that sorta thing. But I don't really consider them life and death. More like real life sparring. :P

      Best Fight... anytime I owned the other guy. haha, obviously. No diss to TKD, but most of the people that try and challenge me / spar me are usually TKD black belts and with their ego. I used to train in TKD when I was a kid, so I'm very familiar with the tactics, combos and kicks.
      However, there was this one guy... his name was Lee (sorry didn't get his last / first name) and he took TKD and a few other Kung Fu styles. He and I had a friendly sparring match at my buddy's going away party.

      I'll never forget the opening move. We sized each other up for awhile and I flinched my foot forward ( I don't like attacking first )... so he did that one crazy slide forward kick that TKD ppl do where they close the distance real fast while on one leg... came up and did a really wide and very strong left round house kick aiming at my temple. I thought he pulled a dumb move and my right hand immediately blocked it. But the rest was a blur and I had to ask him what happened after the spar. So after I had blocked with my right hand, he took his left foot and hooked in on my right blocking arm and put it down outward and came back (with the same left leg still in the air) and kicked me square on my right ear and cheek. I literally spun around, but still in fighting position. But my ear was ringing and my face hurt and I wasn't sure what happened... it was like "Wtf? I know I blocked it so how'd he kick me?" :O

      Anyways, long story short I got back at him. My Wing Chun at the time wasn't very good and I was still learning but it was enough to overwhelm him. With a few slaps to the face. He was a short guy but his kicks hurt like hell. I had bruises the next day. It was probably the best sparring match I ever had, because we went at it for at least like 20 mins.


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        Where to start! putting aside the serious fights I've been in (mostly breaking up fights I may add) I have had some interesting fights my best was on a night out in Devon UK, where a drunk individual decided to attack me, I blocked him and used a takedown and told him to back off, I turned around and walked away, now for the interesting bit, I noticed that due to the angle of the windows in the shops on the high street I could see the refection of everything behind me and of course this man wasn't beat yet so twice more I took him down (the second time he didn't get up) but to people watching they thought it was something out of the matrix or 6th sense stuff as I had my back turned to my attacker, so in their eyes i couldn't see him to react!

        Its amazing how useful your surroundings can be.

        But the thing I love about martial arts is chatting to some people finding out they do martial arts and have a friendly yet intense sparring fight, nothing better!

        My best friendly fight was fighting a wing chun student on the counter of his Chinese restaurant its was like something out of a kung fu film